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Can I use the files in commercial products?

All files – even freebies! – come with a commercial-friendly license that allows you to use them to create physical products. However, you may not use the files in digital end-products for sale or other commercial use.


  • Edit the files as much as you’d like.
  • Create unlimited physical /printed end-products for sale.
  • Mix and match pages or integrate with other templates.


  • Don’t use in any digital end-products for sale.
  • Don’t distribute or share files.

See the License for details.

Can I use the files as-is or do I have to make changes?

Though you are allowed to edit the files as much as you’d like, you are not required to – you are allowed to use the files as-is on KDP, Lulu, and any other print-on-demand platforms, as long the end product is a physical /printed product.


Tools include design resources such as Photoshop templates, brush, textures, and actions. Tools are used to create end-products, but are not the end-products themselves.

Can I use tools to create commercial products?

Yes, you may use tools to create unlimited commercial products – physical or digital. You may not redistribute or resell the tools in any form.

For example, you may use a Photoshop template to create a KDP cover for a client and send them the digital file of the cover, but you may not include the master template file in the end-product.

I have an employee who creates products for me – may I share the tools with them?

No, the files are priced and licensed for individual use. If you would like an employee, friend, or family member to also use them, please purchase additional copies.


Can I get a refund?

Due to the duplicative nature of digital products, I do not accept returns or provide refunds. However, please contact me if you have a problem with a product.

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