My Favorite Printful Products That Aren’t T-Shirts

DTG-printed t-shirts and tank tops are the bread and butter of many print on demand shops, especially beginners. When you’re ready to expand your product offerings beyond shirts, here are some of the best products that Printful has to offer (and completely different from my favorite Printify products that aren’t shirts!) that are not t-shirts, tank tops, or even DTG sweatshirts.


Printful’s All-Over Print Yoga Leggings

Everyone loves leggings – women’s, men’s, and even kid’s leggings are some of my best selling products. Customers love how comfortable the leggings are, and I frequently get 5-star reviews that mention the high quality of Printful’s leggings. With the latest addition of leggings with pockets, these are quickly becoming my all-time favorite product to both make and wear myself!

I particularly like being able to design the entire surface area, unlike a DTG printed product where you’re limited to a few boxy print areas. This has the added benefit that copycats can’t just copy and paste your design to steal as no mockups shows the entire print file and is displayed in 3D.

All-over print products are capable of of bright colors, and the print can’t peel or wear off because the dye is sublimated directly into the fibers of the fabric, before being cut and sewn into leggings. This multi-step process does take longer than DTG, but most of my legging orders are shipped out in just a few days.

AOP Hoodies & Joggers

Man wearing a bright, colorful hoodie with a symmetrical design of a flower-like mandala covering the entire sweatshirt with a purple background, even the sleeves and cuffs have design on them. The inside of the hood is yellow.
Printful’s All-Over Print Hoodie Sweatshirt

All-over print hoodies and jogger sweatpants are one of my favorite products for many of the same reasons as the leggings – the sublimation printing allows for bright colors, limitless printing area, and impossible for those lazy IP thieves to copy.

But it’s not just the print that make these one of the best print on demand products, but the inside brushed fleece makes these incredibly soft and cozy. I’m seriously considering getting a matching sweatsuit for each day of the week to spend the winter in.

These all-over print products are especially great for artists and surface pattern designers. What better way to market your art than for people to wear it, rather than hang on their wall?! Check out my video tutorial on aligning the hoodie pocket design for an even more premium product.

Premium Pillows

Bumblebee and mandala art throw pillow in yellow and blue, set on an outdoor metal chair.
Printful’s Premium Pillow

Pillows are a popular product with customers, and they make great gifts because the giver doesn’t need to guess the recipients size like with shirts. As more of use are working from home, there has also been an increased interest in home decor and creating fun, cozy spaces.

While both the basic and premium pillows from Printful are polyester, I prefer the premium version because it has a faux linen texture that commands a higher price than the basic pillows, which have a shinier, satin-like finish. I do occasionally sell the basic pillows, depending on the audience, but Printful’s premium pillows are my go-to.

The boxy print area makes it easy to expand your DTG designs to pillows, but also has the advantages of all-over print, like vibrant colors and custom background colors. I add all sizes of the pillows to my product listings to allow customers to select their preferred size. I’ve also change to only sell pillows and not the covers alone, because they covers rarely sold without the stuffing and it wasn’t worth my time making combined listings with multiple variations on Printful.

Vintage Cap Baseball Hat

Embroidered black baseball hat with worn denim texture to look vintage
Printful’s Vintage Baseball Cap

Embroidered hats are a popular product that appeals to a range of customers, especially the classic baseball hat. One of my favorites from Printful is the Vintage Otto Cap.

This hat currently comes in four colors – black, navy blue, maroon, and charcoal grey – all of which have a distressed dye pattern to look vintage. The bronze-colored metal snap on the back is a nice touch as well, and as someone with a small head, I appreciate being able to adjust the size.

Here are some of the best print on demand products from Printful that will help you stand out from the every other shop selling DTG shirts.
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